Short History of Global Webs Host

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I have create Global Webs Host at 28/06/2015 for my own website's security.

Security! Why?
I keep my first steep in the internet world at 12/02/2012 by my best friend Masud Rana. He show me a plane but I do not believe. Then I was searching for a easy and trusted way of online earning and at last I got it and I start to work. Know more about this...

Anyway, I had bought a domain (My domain name was ) with 5GB Hosting only at taka 3200.00 or $41.55 USD form at 07/08/2012 for Online / Internet Earning . And I started to work. After four month letter I got Google Adsense.

And my earning was started...

But in 07/08/2014, he did not renew my domain. And I had nothing to do because I had no control panel of this domain. So I had lost my website forever. Know that details history from here.

For this, I thought that I will not create any website or buy domain hosting from Bangladesh. Because after loosing my website, It seems to me that all Bangladeshi are cheat. So I decide that I will create a Domain and Hosting website and All my own and my friends website will be in my control so that no one can destroy my website any more. For this reason I had created this domain hosting website Global Webs Host at ..**.**.****. .

I did not create this website alone. Just I invest my money and willing power. And this Greatest website was created by my friends and brothers. I will never forget their name who had contribute to create my website. See who contribute to create this website.

So you can easily understand that there was no business tendency in mine.

But at the end of 2015, I have seen that beside my friends, some other clients are starting to create their institutions website from Global Webs Host. Among them,  NGO, Computer training center, Broadband, Madracha, Business Directory, Questions Answers Website, Link Submission Website, and others Blog & Website.

For this, Today Global Webs Host has turned into a trusted business website. 

I have create BD Govt License for global webs host as a trusted Domain Hosting provider.

At last I thanked to all clients and well wishers of Global Webs Host.

Thanks to all
Mohi Uddin
founder and Managing Director of 
Global Webs Host